Facebook Admits Exploitation Of A Human Mind

Co-founder of Napster and the first president of Facebook, Sean Parker, said that their platform is “exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology.” He said it was done intentionally, and from the start. It is not clear how these platforms affect a younger population. But it is clear it has some negative aspects, such as the spike in online bullying. The one fact remains – social media is now part of every individual, helping them communicate and learn, but also giving them validations they seek.

The news is: Burberry is reinventing itself

Burberry Without the support of the investors, British label Burberry decided to become the super luxury brand. Unfortunately, shares in this fashion company dropped 12 percent immediately after sharing this news. Still, the plan is to make this brand more compelling and more expensive by selling their products only in luxury shops. The wish is for this company to compete against Gucci and Vuitton.

TripAdvisor under heat

People didn’t like that TripAdvisor removed comments in which were accusations of rape, so now the decision form this company is to flag all the hotels where these incidents were reported. From this firm, they said that they removed the comments because they tried to stay family friendly. Now, Trip Advisor is putting warning badges on the pages of businesses where such incidents were reported.

Hacks can happen anytime to any company

Hacks can happen anytime to any companyMayer Marissa, the former CEO of Yahoo company, apologized for massive hacks that targeted 3 billion users when she was in that company. Mayer said that she strongly believes that every company could be breached and that everyone is at risk of hack attempts. Still, many businesses are not taking this seriously, and costs for rising safety standards are not easily approved.

Bitcoin is still rising

In 2017 this cryptocurrency rose 622%, and it left people wondering what will happen next. CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, Peter Schiff said that there is no real value here, so if it can go over 8 thousand, it sure can also go over 80 thousand. He added that this currency is marketed as an alternative to gold.