Marketing And Advertising To Children

How And Why Children Buy

Today’s parents spend much more money on their children than they used to. Children are not only making purchasing decisions and affecting buying decisions of their parents but they are also the future adult consumers. Children and teenagers influence not only the purchase of food and clothing but also the purchase of computers and other technological resources.

  • Persuasion

Every parent wants their kid to have anything that other children have. In this way, children and teenagers influence their parents to buy something that they would otherwise not.

  • Commitment

CommitmentModern people easily change their favorite brands and turn from one trend to another. Children remain faithful. A particular product that the child consumed as little, will remain his favorite even during the teenage period, and sometimes through adult life. The toys we loved when we were little, we now buy for our children.

  • Idols

Nothing provokes a desire for a product as when it is used by one of our idols. Marketing focused on identifying teenage and child idols, as well as creating new ones, can be very successful for a business. This is not just about favorite cartoon characters or singers. In the era of the Internet, it is a whole new world of famous youtube stars and actors.

  • Close the circle

As children influence their parent’s decisions on what to buy, adults in a similar way affect children through their affinities and hobbies. This opened up a large mobile phone market for young people. These days children are eagerly waiting to get old enough so parents can buy them mobile phones, just so they can have that same piece of technology adults have.

  • Mini-Me

Each parent sees himself in his child and directs that child according to his intended and unfulfilled wishes, plans, and goals. Thus, their children are dressed in clothing designed for adults, and parents are giving them many other products designed for the older population. By creating the same adult products but just in a smaller size so it can fit a child, an entire market opens in which parents create mini-adults from their children.