For Business Owners – Social Media Literacy Under Your Thumb

“If you are not interacting, you do not exist” is a phrase that is relevant for today’s society. Now, in the time of smartphones and all other technological devices that are synchronized with each other and the Internet, a modern person does not need to go to a shop, or even leave his home. With just one click, everyone can explore, learn, buy, order, and acquire new interests. The Internet Society dictates the habits, trends, and opinions of the population.

How to step up

Social-Media-Literacy-Under-Your-ThumbWith their comments on other businesses, users talk a lot about products and services they acquired through a large number of social networks. For a company to be able to prevent any negative marketing, it must be ready to have and regularly run its profiles on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ … In addition to regular posts and updates a company should have, people behind these profiles must be ready to find and respond in real time to all negative comments, as well as to repeat those that are positive, all in order to self-promote the company and protect its reputation.

How to start

For each company, there is a set of certain social networks that would be most beneficial to the business, although Facebook is now largely unavoidable. It is important to determine what your target group is and what social network they are on. Then you need a marketing strategy that will help your profiles be regularly updated with all the new information, not just about the products you offer, but also about their functions, promotions, and so on. You need to engage.

How-to-startThe best advice that exists is to approach the company’s presentation on the social media with the same seriousness as building up and making business. Social networks are a type of tool that, if used in the right way, can familiarize your company with users, and be used to promote, clarify, and turn your products into a global trend.